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Working On Your Home Safely

Understanding A Few Facts About Diamond Tipped Drill Bits

by Jessica Mccoy

If you hire a general contractor from a company like Full Bore Directional Inc. HDD to secure a well on your property or to add steel beams to your foundation, you should know that special drilling techniques will need to be used. This is true as well if you hire a company to access gas or oil reservoirs on your land. You will likely hear your contractor talking about the use of diamond tipped drill bits. While these bits are likely to be larger rolling or cutting bits, they are in some ways very similar to the diamond bits you can use on your own home drill. If you are curious about these bits, then keep reading to learn more about them.

Diamond Drill Bits Are Often Hollow

Drill bits that are made with diamonds are meant to bore through the hardest materials. These materials may include the shale or bedrock that sit deep in the earth or the ceramic decorations in your home that you want to add holes to. Diamond drill bits are meant to work through glass, all types of stone, porcelain, marble, and fiberglass. They are not meant to be used on soft woods and metals, since the particles from these materials can and will gum up the diamonds on the bit.

When drill bits are used properly on hard materials, they tend to become extremely hot. This means that the carbide tungsten or steel metals that surround the diamonds will get hot as well and they will sometimes warp. Bearings and other parts that are connected to rolling types of drills are likely to burn out as well from the heat.

To prevent this from happening, the diamond tipped bits are often made with hollow interiors so that fluids can be pumped through them. Water may be used for this purpose, and so can water soluble oils, kerosene, motor oil, and other materials. For outside applications, water is ideal to reduce environmental concerns. Since water evaporates as it cools, your contractor may need to stop drills periodically to keep them from overheating.

Slow Speeds are Best

Since diamond is the hardest material in the world, many people believe they can use diamond tipped drill bits aggressively. High speeds and intense pressure are often utilized. However, hardness does not translate into toughness. Toughness refers to the amount of pressure or force it takes to break a diamond. Diamonds are considered quite strong when compared to natural minerals, ceramics, and glass, but they do not hold up to certain alloys like titanium. Diamonds are not as tough as some metals, because they have imperfections in their crystalline structures that will allow for cracks or breakages. These areas in the diamond structure are called the cleavages.  

To prevent the splitting or cracking of diamond tipped drill bits, it is wise to drill slowly. If you are using your own drill at home, then this means using the slowest setting to allow the diamonds to cut through the material without forcing them downward.

For contractors using large scale bits, speeds are often set so that holes are created at a depth of a few feet every minute. Not only will this keep the diamonds in good shape, but it keeps the new hole from collapsing. Also, pipes may need to be set in the ground as the pilot hole is created, and this gives the contractors time to do this.

Both contractors and homeowners will use drill bits to get jobs done, and diamond tipped varieties are amongst the most useful and most expensive. These bits are quite unique, because they are often hollow, but they must be used slowly to reduce damage concerns.