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Working On Your Home Safely

Improving The Performance Of Your Air Conditioning System

by Jessica Mccoy

Performance problems with an air conditioning system can lead to substantial discomfort and unnecessarily high energy costs. If your air conditioning system is not performing in the way that you expect, there are a few steps that may be able to improve the ability of your air conditioner to keep your home cool.

Ensure The System Is Getting Sufficient Power

If you have recently upgraded or replaced the air conditioning system, you should check to ensure that it is getting sufficient power. A larger air conditioning system could have energy demands that exceed what the wiring can provide. While the wiring may be able to meet this electrical need when the system is first installed, it will gradually degrade. If you find that the wiring is unable to handle this voltage, upgrades will have to be performed as soon as possible to minimize the risk of an electrical fire or other problem arising.

Determine If You Need To Insulate The Refrigerant Line

Some air conditioning systems will have a refrigerant line on the side or bottom of the unit that is exposed. This can degrade the performance of the system as the tubing can become extremely hot. Applying a small piece of insulation around this tube should mitigate this problem.

Clean Both The Exterior And Interior Parts Of The Air Conditioning System

Regularly removing the dirt and other debris that gathers on the system can significantly boost its performance. This is due to these substances being able to limit the air circulation. On that exterior portion of the unit, this will limit the amount of air that can be pulled into the unit. When the vents in the home become dirty, they can limit the amount of cool air that enters the rooms. In addition to improving the cooling ability of your system, this may also help to improve the air quality in your home as it can reduce the amount of dust and other allergens that are in the air.

Improve Circulation Inside The Home

Some homes will have a design that makes adequately circulating air more difficult for the system. As a result, there may be some areas of the home that are extremely cool while others may be uncomfortably warm. A simple and highly effective option for improving air circulation will be to place fans in areas where the air is stagnant. Ideally, this should be a ceiling fan as these are extremely efficient at circulating air, but portable fans can also be effective.

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